Our expanding portfolio of holdings reflects our diverse investment interests, arising from market opportunities but also from our wide business network.



A UK-based insurance management company. It specializes in providing high quality health insurance products  and services to the high-net-worth Greek market.

The company was founded in 1982 as a subsidiary of Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings, which remains its sole shareholder.

Today, CORIM serves its high-net-worth clients through a wide and growing network of insurance intermediaries throughout the country, and is one of the major producers of Bupa Global and Cigna Global in the Greek market.

K+A Insurance Agency

A subsidiary of Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings. Founded in 2012 through the acquisition of AIG Greece’s  life and health portfolio, in collaboration MetLife ALICO, K + A Insurance Agency is active in the Greek insurance market, offering reliable and quality life & health programs to both corporate and individual clients. It works with a wide network of insurers and intermediaries, offering ongoing solutions, support and training. The portfolio management of K+A Insurance Agency is undertaken by Globalnet.


GlobalNet was founded in 2013 by Canellopoulos Adamantiadis and KTEO Hellas (MoT services), with the aim of providing insurance products and services to KTEO Hellas’ clients, as well as developing its own sales network through an integrated online platform.

GlobalNet is now an established broking firm and operates along three axes: motor insurance through KTEO Hellas, life and health insurance and corporate insurance.

Aegis Ltd

Founded in 1977, Aegis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings. Aegis has been providing surveyor services to insurance, shipping and export companies, including expert reviews and inspections on buildings and goods, damage assessments and quantitative checks on bulk loads.

Its long experience, know-how, professionalism and speed of service guarantee the exceptional turnaround of the work undertaken.

Real Estate

Construction Projects/ Sustain

Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings is a cornerstone investor in real estate projects designed and delivered by construction company Sustain. Sustain, a company that stands out for its unquestionable business ethics and recognized professionalism, specializes in the construction of commercial buildings for large and multinational enterprises, underpinned by sustainability and green credentials, guaranteed through LEED and WELL certifications.

Canellopoulos Adamantiadis’ collaboration with Sustain began in 2006 and is already on its third joint construction project.

BLUEHOUSE Capital Partners

BLUEHOUSE Capital Partners, founded in 2004, is a private equity real estate investment firm investing in Eastern European countries and Greece. BLUEHOUSE manages capital from three funds, which invest on behalf of institutional investors, including financial institutions, pension funds, bequests, multi-manager funds and companies.

Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings participates in the first and second fund of BLUEHOUSE.


MetLife Mutual Fund Company (MFC)

MetLife MFC was founded in 1992 in partnership with the Latsis Group and American Life Insurance Co (ALICO) under the name of ALICO EUROBANK MFC. Since then, it has steadily ranked amongst the top 10 non-bank mutual fund management companies in the country. MFC’s main shareholder is global insurer MetLife, which also exercises management control.

Global Capital Investors

Global Capital Investors and Global Capital Investors II are two funds created by the investment company Global Finance in 1997 and 2000 respectively. Both invest in fast-growing companies in Greece and abroad, the former with a particular emphasis on technology and the latter on media and technology.

Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings holds investments in both funds.

Bulk Packaging


Multitank LTD is a UK-established innovative plastic packaging solutions company, focused on improving sustainability through meaningful innovation in the area of Packaging and Logistics. Multitank offers competitive advantages in the supply chain of packaging operations by reducing packaging costs, optimising transport and storage volumes, while minimizing ecological footprint compared to hitherto alternative packaging. In 2017, Multitank was awarded the Edie Sustainable Leader Award.

Multitank packaging solutions are currently being deployed in over 20 countries, while its innovative solutions are currently being tested by major international organizations in the field of food and beverage as well as other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, liquids

Canellopoulos Adamantiadis Holdings has provided seed funding to and is a cornerstone investor in this pioneering project.