About us

Canellopoulos Adamantiadis is a Holding Company with an 80-year presence in the Greek market. For the past 15 years, our business interests have expanded from insurance into other industries, mainly through participation in greenfield business projects as well as through strategic investments in existing promising business ventures.

Who We Are

The Company was founded in 1935 and has charted a long and  pivotal course in the Greek insurance market. From the outset, we have partnered and collaborated with major insurance enterprises and broking agencies both in Greece and abroad. From 2004 onwards, in parallel with our core insurance business activity, we ventured into new business areas through strategic partnerships and investments. We are currently engaged in several companies, ranging from insurance to construction & real estate, financial services and industrial materials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a sustainable investment portfolio in insurance and other industries, with a view to delivering significant added value to clients, shareholders, associates and other stakeholders, driven by our long experience as well as our commitment to integrity and credibility in our dealings with all stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

For three generations, the Company’s founding families, the Canellopoulos and Adamantiadis, have retained full shareholding and management control. The Company’s philosophy is underpinned by the same strong, shared family values from its establishment in 1935:

  • Aiming at prudent but consistent growth
  • Combining tradition with progress
  • Attributing importance to quality parameters that will ensure its longevity and reliability
  • Adopting an anthropocentric approach
  • Acting without fail professionally,  responsibly and with the highest ethical standards